Advantages of the AIROD®

Stylet configuration

Shape to accommodate any laryngoscope

Endotracheal tube exchanger


Life saver! I used the AIROD in a patient with a tracheal mass involving the vocal cords and a very narrow airway. Failed intubation with both DL and VL. Tried a rubber bougie but it kept bending against the mass. I bent the AIROD into a hyperangulated configuration and first pass success! Thanks AIROD!!

Ajay Adial, MD Pulmonary and Criticial Care TVH ICU Director

I used it on a really challenging airway and it was pretty cool.

Dr. Guy Shochat UCSF Emergency Airway Lead

The AIROD is the best! Loved it! Seconds to intubate!

Dr. L, Pulmonary and Critical Care

I used the AIROD and I really liked it!!!! Respiratory Therapist was impressed too!!

Dr. Payan

It is very good in trauma.

Dr. Begovic, Anesthesiologist

I had patient with a cardiac arrest today and I used your device to intubate during CPR. It was very helpful!

Eric Cantor EMIT CEO

I was able to intubate the very difficult airway manikins at thedifficultairway course using the AIROD and a Miller 4!

Dr. Schmitz

Glidescope failed twice. MAC 3 DL first shot with the AIROD!

Dr. B

The AIROD is great! Not only does it help improve the view of the vocal cords but my speed of intubation as well. 

Dr. S, Pulmonary and Critical Care